The size of a giant blimp compared to a tiny balloon—that's the difference between the comparison value (AMCV) for short-term exposure to benzene (180 ppb) and the highest observed benzene level in June at an air monitoring station in Dish, Texas (.73 ppb).

It is only appropriate to compare these one-hour values from...

General Motors unleashes this fall a new line of fleet vans that run on the cleaner-burning fuel that has been called the crown jewel of the oil and gas industry: natural gas.

Natural gas will provide an increasing share of America’s energy needs over the next several decades, doubling its share of the energy market to 40 percent, from 20 percent, according to a report to be released Friday by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ...

Natural gas forms organically beneath the earth over geologic time. In many parts of the country, having this "biogenic methane" percolate to the surface by natural processes is an everyday occurrence.

Is everything featured in the recent movie "Gasland" accurate?

No. In fact, the movie "Gasland" promotes ideas about natural gas drilling that have been found to be false, inaccurate and misleading.

"Gasland" Claim: Natural gas extraction is exempt from federal regulations.
Fact: The process is subject to a host of...

 TCEQ says benezene levels in Fort Worth pose no immediate health risk. Read more.

The movie Haynesville showing in Weatherford Friday.

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Explores the safest method of transporting natural gas, keeping it safe, Read More.

So the Gulf spill has you ready to quit oil and gas cold turkey, the Star Telegram reports.

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Ford motor company said Friday that Verizon will buy 501 vans outfitted with engines that burn compressed natural gas. Read more.

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GasLand, set to debut this month on HBO, is an anti-drilling piece in the style of Michael Moore. Read more.

Good news, fleet people: Ford is offering you even more. You already know that Ford offers Compressed Natural Gas and Propane conversion preparation packages for a number of its fleet vehicles, but today that number increases by two

as Ford adds the F-450 and F-550 Super Duty trucks, says Motor Trends Truck Trends.

The article can be found...

City officials are preparing to start testing for air pollution around natural gas sites.

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