There are about 6.5 million heavy trucks on America's highways. Upgrading just 350,000 of them would reduce our oil imports by nearly 5 percent. Five percent of that would have kept over $1.2 billion recycling through the U.S. economy instead of the economies of countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Angola and Nigeria, which are among the seven largest exporters of oil to the U.S....

Several companies and nonprofits have formed a new group to support the conversion of cars and trucks to using natural gas.

In addition, the Metroplex Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium is out to help “fleet operators” — meaning any organization that has a fleet of cars or trucks — find ways to secure natural-gas fueling stations for their vehicles....

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North Texans can generally expect lower heating bills this winter, whether they warm their homes with natural gas, electricity or propane. Read more.


Test hypothesis: oil/gas production in Barnett Shale affects the area's air quality

  • Analysis of TCEQ’s air pollution monitoring data
  • Comparison to trends in county-level drilling and production activity
  • No one has looked at ozone effects yet

Encourage the use of cost-effective emission controls


September 24, 2009

Several area organizations with an interest in energy and natural gas in particular have come together to form the Metroplex Natural Gas Vehicle Consortium.

The new group, formally announced Sept. 24, aims to develop new transportation markets for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and a fueling infrastructure in the North Texas...

According to polling by Public Opinion Strategies and the Mellman Group, more than 75 percent of the American public expect natural gas to play a significant role in our nation's energy future. Read more.

Executive Summary

Wolf Eagle Environmental Engineers and Consultants, LLC (“Wolf Eagle”) was retained by Mayor Calvin Tillman and the people of DISH, Texas (“Client”) to perform an Ambient Air Monitoring Analysis study in the Town of DISH. The purpose of the study is to characterize the ambient air quality in the Town of DISH. DISH (previously called Clark) is located...

Executive Summary

An assessment of the impacts of VOC emissions from oil and gas activity in the Barnett Shale area on ambient air levels of air pollutants in the Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) region was undertaken using existing monitoring data and an attempt was made to identify the dominant sources of VOC emissions in the region. The analysis focused on the six counties...

Executive Summary

Over the period from August 19 – August 21, 2009, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Technology, Inc. (IHST) performed a review of a particular set of reports and associated communications provided by the City of Fort Worth - Environmental Management Department. This documentation concerned the potential impact of gas well exploration and drilling...

State regulators regulators have found fault with a SMU study reporting that natural gas production contributes more to air pollution in North Texas than all the vehicles and airports in North Texas.

Earlier this year, the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council also noted significant flaws in the study. We concluded that if its conclusions were correct, then the Dallas-Fort...

Thursday, August 13
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The natural gas boom couldn't prevent Tarrant County from feeling the recession, but it has cushioned the financial blow.

Property values released this week by the Tarrant Appraisal District show an increase of 1.8 percent despite the bad economy. Subtracting the gains from the Barnett Shale gas field would have cut that increase by 80 percent.

That is a major...

As debate continues about how much gas drilling contributes to air pollution in North Texas, state regulators want to make sure it's clear that they disagree with a study that concluded that drilling creates about as much pollution as car and truck traffic.

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