Fort Worth Engineering Analysis of Private Air Quality Study

Air & Water Quality

Posted on: Monday, August 24, 2009

Executive Summary

Over the period from August 19 – August 21, 2009, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Technology, Inc. (IHST) performed a review of a particular set of reports and associated communications provided by the City of Fort Worth - Environmental Management Department. This documentation concerned the potential impact of gas well exploration and drilling activities to Deborah’s Farmstead, a farming operation located at 300 McNaughton Lane, in the city of Westworth Village, Texas.

IHST concludes the ambient air sampling performed by Wolf Eagle Environmental Engineers and Consultants at Deborah’s Farm was rudimentary in scope and design. Results of the sampling appear to IHST to be inconclusive at best. Most compounds of interest detected were present as tentatively identified compounds (TICs), and the identity and determined concentration of these compounds are necessarily estimates, subject to non-quantifiable error. Possible problems in sample recovery for samples collected June 27, 2009, are not fully documented in the information provided to IHST. IHST believes these sample results must remain questionable until further information is available. This problem also raises questions regarding conclusions reached by various authors, based on comparison of sample data from different days.

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